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Benzinger 3/4 Skeleton Black Engine

Benzinger 3/4 Skeleton Black Engine

  • The 3/4 Skeleton Black Engine… a modern approach to watch ennobling.

    The ‘Engine’ ennobling style conveys a modern feel via its contemporary lines and geometric engraving. The even style is somewhat more contemporary than the floral design and, as such, reflects a more mechanical aesthetic. The movement is skillfully skeletonised to give the impression of uniformity and functionality with its concentric circle patterns and tight Barley pattern guilloching.

    The combination of a striking black PVD ground plate, sterling silver open dial and polished steel case is modern, balanced and very eye-catching. The 3/4 Skeleton Black Engine is a piece of sophisticated watch design that looks impressive on the wrist without appearing ostentatious.

    Benzinger’s 3/4 Skeleton collection showcases Jochen’s masterful ennobling skills via his delicate treatment of the movement. Unlike Full Skeleton models without dials, the 3/4 Skeleton pieces feature an open dial which allows for ease of legibility. The addition of an open small second at 6 o’clock adds a touch of classicism to this finely tuned piece of horology.

    Because each Benzinger timepiece is made as a unikat (one off), Jochen offers the opportunity to design and customise certain aspects of the movement and overall ennobling style to create a very special & personal piece. As such, a Benzinger timepiece is more than a watch, it is a work of art to be enjoyed and admired for an eternity.