Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Fairytale

Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Fairytale

  • The delightfully-named Fairytale timepiece more than lives up to its title. This delicate, hand-painted watch is yet another enchanting, limited edition, art object from the atelier of Alexander Shorokhoff.

    Inspiration for the piece comes from Russian mythology. The painter’s brush strokes float on the dark brown mother-of-pearl to immerse the observer in an intriguing, fairytale-like representation of the firebird as the quest begins.

    Thanks to the delicate contrast between the naturally iridescent dial and skilful depiction, the firebird appears to magically glow. Its rich plumage captures many shades of red, orange and yellow, which shine like embers of a fire. The beautifully shimmering dark brown dial supports the radiant miniature painting, which has been painstakingly created by the hand of a skilful artist.

    To produce such a miniature painting, the artist works with a magnifying glass, taking over 40 hours on average, to complete one work. 

    The hand-painting process

    First the colour palette is put together and the appropriate colour mixes prepared. Only the highest quality brushes, with marten hair bristles, are used for this art. Ten to twenty of these brushes are needed to make a painting like the Firebird. The basic colour for each element is applied evenly so that the mother-of-pearl does not shine through. The other colours are gradually faded in to achieve the desired shades and nuances.

    In the next step, many extremely fine additional layers are applied to give depth and add light & shade, nevertheless after completion the painting is barely five hundredths of a millimetre thick. In order to ensure that each layer of paint has dried out, the small work of art must be dried out several times in an oven at 100°C. The process of repeated drying minimizes the exposure of the wet paint to dust, which could damage the work. This takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the thickness of the paint layer. 

    The completed painting is then burned for five hours to prepare it for finishing. A transparent varnish is gently applied to the entire surface of the dial, which then has to be dried in the oven for another 24 hours to ensure the work is sealed and protected for a lifetime.

    For the case, Alexander Shorokhoff selected the classic, round case form in 14-carat rose gold. The case back is equipped with a sapphire crystal, through which the hand-engraved, automatic movement with refined rotor can be admired. The decorations are adapted to suit the enchanting motive. The golden hands and the golden hour markings complete this delicate masterpiece. The small limitation of only 5 pieces underlines the uniqueness of the model.

    Be enchanted and enchant others with Alexander Shorokhoff’s beautiful Firebird Fairytale timepiece.





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