Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Revolution Series

Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Revolution Series

  • In creating the Revolution timepiece, Alexander Shorokhoff’s goal was to highlight the role of engineers in structuring time by paring back the movement to its mechanical heart. This approach also affords the piece a futuristic aesthetic in-line with Shorokhoff’s avant-garde approach to horological design and personal philosophy.

    Adopting a generous 43.5 mm case ensured there was enough space to place the movement and the dial in separate zones, allowing Alexander Shorokhoff to let his revolutionary imagination run free. Continuing the company’s emphasis on avant-garde design, the ‘free space’ in the Revolution timepiece is filled with geometrical elements such as a square, a pyramid and a sphere, and small movement parts like springs and wheels. The result is similar to a piece of contemporary art full of disparate sections and areas of light where tiny elements are literally floating in the free room of the case. A small bridge with enamel coating connects the watch workings with the open space, linking form and function in a visual manner.

    The inner rim of the case and the outer edge of the small dial are similar to mechanical cogs. This intentional mechanisation creates a feeling of industrialisation and the heavy change society has undergone as a result. It also symbolises how the wheels of big industry are counter-balanced by the fine mechanism of humanity – the interconnection is vital for optimal functionality and once cannot perform without the other. These juxtaposing forms, shapes and ideals are what make this watch so exciting and appealing.
    The idea of the Revolution series of watches is to present something unique and symbolic and, for this reason, two different versions of the dial.

    – Revolution 1: the designer wants to bring undeniable symbols of revolution to the fore in their most basic form – the symbol of the hammer and sickle. In this version the hammer and sickle are assembled from rectangular parts and enamelled by hand. The additional use of transparent red enamel gives rise to more depth of the colour. The features are completely engraved and stars help to read the time with the signature 60 featuring at 12 o’clock
    – Revolution 2: the designer features avant-garde, multi-coloured dials with different shapes reminiscent of modern art. The coloured shapes are enamelled in bold blocks that capture the imagination. Shorokhoff’s big 60 alsoe features at 12 o’clock for timing.

    In both versions the case back is enamelled in blue and black with further information about the watch. The rotor of the automatic movement is hand engraved and refined.

    Revolution is yet another ‘object d’art’ from the designer and engineer Alexander Shorokhoff – and this one is perfect for free spirits and bold minds.





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