Alexander Shorokhoff Babylonian II

Alexander Shorokhoff Babylonian II

  • The success of the first Babylonian model, nominated for the German Design Award, motivated Alexander Shorokhoff to create a second collection with added ennobling and grandeur.

    In an historic sense, Babylon is famed as one of the most powerful and significant cities of the ancient world. Its name translates to “gate of god”. The prosperity of the city in its heyday attracted astronomers, scientists, craftsmen and artists and turned it into a highly developed cultural center. Furthermore many stellar constellations were discovered there, the zodiac signs were conceived within its walls and the first horoscopes were created and read in this artistic and cultural hub.

    It is only fitting that Alexander Shorokhoff’s Babylonian II pays tribute to this great city and the achievements and discoveries of its inhabitants and visitors.

    Mirroring many of the features of the Babylonian I, such as the incoming wave symbols – indicating the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, and the juxtaposed sun and moon symbols, the model’s DNA is held in tact.

    Clarity and legibility are ensured with the clever use of colour overlays. Hour markers and hands are set in dark blue to contrast with the elaborate silver background and the central blue, mother-of-pearl ring creates a visual break as well as displaying the 12 mystical signs of the zodiac.

    The elegance of Babylonian II is achieved via a highly complicated procedure, the movement’s plates and the outer ring of the dial are delicately milled by hand and decoratively engraved giving an exceptionally deep and detailed effect without complicating the overall design. The intrigue is carried over to the back of the watch with even more attention to detail. As the wearer, you can delight in the fact that something special, something unseen, that only you know about, lies on your wrist. The underside of the Babylonian II features an exhibition case back that showcases the engraved movement as well as a special circular display of the horoscope symbols.

    Masterful, powerful and meaningful. The Babylonian II is limited to 300 pieces.





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