• Hentschel Commodore WERK 1 Rose Gold / Bronze

    • Each piece in Hentschel’s Premium WERK 1 Watch Collection houses the stunning WERK 1 in-house calibre. WERK 1, developed and manufactured at Hentschel in Hamburg, represents the culmination of over 200 years of experience and knowledge in Hanseatic watchmaking.

      The resulting manual movement meets the most stringent chronometric standards, is extremely hard wearing and robust and is a beauty to behold. The deliberate design, featuring a 3/4 Plate, is characteristic of Hamburg’s Navigation Chronometers renowned for their stability and exactness. Inclusions such as a swan neck/spring regulation, balance cock adjustment to 1/1000mm and low frequency of 18,000 oscillations/hr, ensure the WERK 1 is both stable and consistent over time – meeting the requirements of a true maritime chronometer. The beauty of the calibre is further enhanced by Geneva stripe finishing, fine engraving on the exposed balance wheel section and the definition of the jewel bearings. The plate itself is available in steel or a rose gold finish to complement the case material.




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