Douflex Band/clasp system for Sinn U models with Tegiment Steel Case
  • Douflex Band/clasp system for Sinn U models with Tegiment Steel Case

    • Douflex Band/clasp system for U models
      Models with Tegiment Steel case

      With our quick-adjustment strap system as one of the components of the new DuoFlex, this adjustment can be made instantly. The necessary extension is ensured by means of an easy swap over to a silicone strap with an appropriate length. To remove the strap, simply fold up both halves of the silicone strap one after the other and pull them outwards at the side (see diagram). A special case adapter ensures a smooth fitting in all U models with a 44 mm diameter. In this way, you can attach the longer silicone strap to the watch quickly, without any tools. With this technology, an easy swap over from the ‘everyday strap’ to the ‘diving strap’ is possible. Worn on the wrist, the system can withstand the same tensile force as a silicone strap that is usually fitted to the case with spring bars.

      The new quick-adjustment strap system therefore offers an extremely easy strap replacement mechanism, which is also extremely useful to you in everyday life, when you are not out diving. For example, in answer to the question: a red silicone strap? Or would you prefer a black silicone strap? Thanks to the quick-adjustment strap system, you can change the silicone strap to suit a specific occasion in just seconds. Or perhaps your decision depends on fashion or aesthetic considerations





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