Alexander Shorokhoff Levels

Alexander Shorokhoff Levels

  • Standing tall among watches, Alexander Shorokhoff’s LEVELS timepiece soars to new heights in watchmaking.
    2 time zones, 2 movements, many levels.

    The name of this stunning piece is derived from the different levels comprising the dial.
    – one level displays control or home time
    – the next level shows a desired second time zone.
    – the third level embodies the Alexander Shorokhoff insignia
    – the fourth level shows the limitation edition number of each timepiece within the series.

    Each level is set at a different height atop a beautifully ennobled movement underneath.

    A special feature of this striking timepiece is the positioning of the highest level above the calendar window where a cleverly positioned magnifying glass is set on an elevated bridge to enlarge the visibility of the date display. This innovative arrangement causes the magnifying glass to resemble a monocle, underlining the creativity and quirky nature of Alexander Shorokhoff, who breaks with tradition by building the magnifying glass directly into the sapphire glass front.

    The complete rose gold-plated construction is layered upon a beautifully guilloched dial in either petrol-blue or silver. The colour combinations are designed to create contrast and harmony on the wrist. While the colour palette has been selected for harmony, it is too simple and perhaps even unimaginative for the avant-garde artist to leave unembellished. At this point, Alexander Shorokhoff comes into his realm by adding touches of the extraordinary to give the watch an inimitable character. Colourful highlights and graduating stripes add the edge and individuality to this amazing piece, ensuring it is immediately recognisable as an Alexander Shorokhoff original.
    Levels represents another piece of “Art for the wrist“ from the house of Alexander Shorokhoff and is in created in a limited edition of only 99 pieces per dial.





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