Alexander Shorokhoff Los Craneos
  • Alexander Shorokhoff Los Craneos

    • Dedicated to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo 

      At the beginning of the 20th century Mexico was undergoing a huge transition – not only concerning the state but also in the art world. Artists such as Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Siqueiros and Frida Kahlo revolutionised Mexican art with their independent, avant-garde and colourful paintings, murals and sculptures. Through their ground-breaking and often provocative art they left an indelible mark in the world.

      In 2017, during a journey through Mexico, Alexander Shorokhoff visited museums and sites where these artists lived and worked. He was fascinated by the power of their paintings and the blaze of colour and creativity they used to reflect their nation’s character.  He was especially impressed by Frida Kahlo, who had a spectacular but dramatic life full of pain and passion.  In 2018, Alexander Shorokhoff dedicated his  dual movement watch “Los Craneos” to this passionate and determined woman. “Los Craneos“ is Spanish for the skull – fitting name for such a powerful and meaningful image.

      Two key design elements convey a strong message on this watch:

      • The skulls and the tapering metal stud appliqués on the dial. Both elements represent Frida Kahlo’s fascination with, and long struggle against, death.  Furthermore, skulls are deeply rooted in the Mexican culture as a symbol for gambling with life and death.
      • The small pyramidal tapering metal studs at the dial symbolize the painful corset Frida Kahlo had to wear as a result of injuries sustained in an accident during her teen years. The production of such a dial requires a great deal of time and skill, concentration and patience, because all parts are separately made and then hand-applied piece by piece.

      Los Cranoes is a double-time watch with two distinct timekeepers and dials to illustrate the situation of Frida Kahlo hovering between life and death.

      One skull dial includes the date and the other skull dial (which can be used as a second time zone) is fitted with a centred second hand. Both time zones use ETA 2671 automatic movements.  Both movements are hand-engraved and can be seen through the sapphire glass back of the case. The case is made of solid stainless steel with brushed sides and a hand-polished high-gloss bezel.

      For the dial design of this watch Alexander Shorokhoff refrained from the application of colours.  As such there are only black and silver parts in order to illustrate the serious theme of this watch but it also conveys a restrained dignity and elegance. The timepiece is limited to only 47 pieces worldwide.





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