Alexander Shorokhoff Tourbillon Tomorrow
  • Alexander Shorokhoff Tourbillon Tomorrow

    • Alexander Shorokhoff’s stunning Tourbillon Tomorrow with its contemporary design is dedicated to the future whilst giving a nod of recognition to the heritage of watchmaking with its outstanding tourbillon movement

      In line with Shorokhoff’s ‘Avantgarde’ design orientation the colourways and lines are both bold and organic. The combination of a deep blue base and polished gold detail on the dial affords optimal contrast and legibility without complicating the design.
      The tourbillon complication is framed within a viewport at 6 o’clock, giving this special feature pride of place to be observed and enjoyed as it beats away. The warmth of the massive 18ct gold case adds allure to this very special timepiece.

      A stunning addition to any collection, the masterpiece that is the Tourbillon Tomorrow will enchant its wearer for many years to come.





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