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Send your watch to TIME ONLY via postage or drop-off 


A visual check of the watch and its papers is completed by our logistics professionals


An exterior and interior inspection of the watch is then completed by our watchmakers


An assessment of the condition and authenticity of each individual component of the watch is completed


Watches are watchmaker approved and consequently pared with the TIME ONLY Certificate


Like a high-performance sports car, your mechanical watch needs to be serviced now and then. Most expert watchmakers recommend that your timepiece is serviced every three to five years if the watch is worn frequently. Doing so will ensure you invest in the reliability and longevity of your watch. - All services are backed by a 12 month warranty.*


The number one importance when it comes to repairs is that the required parts come directly from the manufacture. Our certified watchmakers will let you know what parts are necessary and the time frame associated with that repair. The swapped out parts can be sent back with your watch on request. -All repairs are backed by a 12 month warranty.*


If your watch has a few hairline scratches that might not necessarily mean it needs to be polished. In some cases it adds to the character and value of the watch! Thats not to say polishing a watch is bad, in fact if treated correctly it can make it look and feel like a brand new watch. If you have any doubt whether or not to polish your piece, feel free to contact one of your servicing consultants.

Diamond setting


Diamond setting has gained popularity in the pop culture many years ago, nowadays the appreciation of the art is more widely spread. The questions now stand, which quality stones have been used and has who has set them. The more complex the setting of the gemstones is, the more you need to rely on them.


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