Our Commitment

The process of buying a watch online can feel overwhelming due to numerous uncertainties. Whether you’re making a purchase, arranging for servicing, or seeking guidance on timepieces, we distinguish ourselves through our unwavering commitment to transparency and service excellence.

Authentic Watches

We’ve built up an excellent reputation through hard work, strict quality standards, and dedicated customer service. We purchase and import all of our authorised brands straight from the manufactures in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and the watchmakers are known to us personally. Thanks to these personal relationships we are able to bring you some of the best independent watch brands in the horological industry.

If you prefer more traditional shopping, to complement our web boutique, we also have a high street store in Noosa, on Australia’s stunning Sunshine Coast where complete watch collections are on display and constantly updated with new releases to spoil you for choice.

Alternatively, we encourage all customers to use our pick up in-person option at checkout.

Rest assured, when you choose TIME ONLY you are choosing a knowledgeable, authentic, and dedicated retailer to whom time means everything. 

Finest Quality

Time Only is committed to providing exclusively the finest timepieces sourced from the world’s most esteemed watch brands. Each brand showcased in our meticulously curated collection embodies the epitome of craftsmanship, innovation, and enduring design. 

Our dedication to excellence guarantees that every watch in our inventory upholds rigorous standards of quality and elegance, delivering reliability and lasting value to our customers.

Purchasing Security

Ensuring the safety of your information is our utmost priority when you choose to shop with us. We strive to instill confidence in every transaction, prioritising your peace of mind with each click and during payment. To uphold this commitment, we employ state-of-the-art SSL encryption and authentication protocols, guaranteeing the utmost security for your data

Trusted Warranty

Our authorised service centre plays a pivotal role in every watch’s journey, ensuring thorough care for each timepiece that enters and exits our facility. Every authorised brand sold by TIME ONLY is backed by a minimum 24-month warranty, guaranteeing your peace of mind.Additionally, each watch serviced by TIME ONLY is accompanied by a 12-month warranty.

First Class Service

At Time Only, we’re deeply passionate about watches, and our expertise stems from over 30 years of immersion in the industry. We genuinely want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us for advice, regardless of the complexity of your questions. From how a watch sits on your wrist to the most intricate technical details, we’re here to share our knowledge with humility and warmth.

Our team is dedicated to guiding you towards the best choices for your needs, every single day. At TIME ONLY, our commitment is simple: to provide you not only with the finest products but also with the genuine care and support you deserve.