Purchasing the perfect timepiece from TIME ONLY is made even easier with our priority-focused delivery service.

Australian Express Shipping

We want to get your order sent as quickly and safely as possible. As such, all orders placed with TIME ONLY are shipped with Team Global Express.


Australian Orders

A flat delivery charge within Australia is $40.00.

A discounted rate of $15 applies for smaller items (under 500gr) such as bands.

Please note: Toll Priority can only be used if the delivery address will be attended on the day of delivery, otherwise additional re-delivery charges may be incurred.

Australian Express Shipping

Shop the world of luxury watches from anywhere with TIME ONLY. Our global reach ensures that your chosen masterpiece is just a click away, no matter where you are. We’ve partnered with top express couriers to guarantee fast, secure delivery of your perfect timepiece right to your doorstep. With TIME ONLY, experience effortless shopping and the excitement of unboxing a piece of horological art, wherever you are in the world.


International Shipping

All orders shipped from TIME ONLY to New Zealand and other countries are shipped via FedEx Courier. A flat delivery charge to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other internationally locations is applicable at the checkout.

Service Delivery Information

Like a high-performance sports car, your mechanical watch needs to be serviced now and then. Most expert watchmakers recommend that your timepiece is serviced every three to five years if the watch is worn frequently. Doing so will ensure you invest in the reliability and longevity of your watch.

Delivery details will be discussed with our service team once your service request is processed. For more information and to submit a service request visit our Servicing page